Saturday, September 3, 2011

23rd Birthday

I'm blogging to keep memories and feelings alive. So I should at least post something about my birthday right? 

Last August 26th (Friday) was my 23rd birthday...and there was nothing very special about it. I just asked for a Pancit ng taga Malabon delivery in the office and that's it. I didn't even get to eat it because it surprisingly had seafood(pusit, prawns and etc.) I shouldn't be eating seafood until my 'sugat' heals. So I was very hungry. Good thing my best buddy in the office named Tina noticed it and bought me Jollibee cheeseburger, large fries, choco sundae and soda. It actually was too much for me. She said she was supposed to buy me cake but she changed mind remembering that I was very hungry. How thoughtful of her. Thanks Tina ^__^ I will never forget your kindness and thoughtfulness to me.

Then the next day August 27th (Saturday), I decided to treat 2 of my college friends (Pau and te Rea) at Chef  d' Angelo. I heard they have an Eat All You Can promo and I didn't want to miss the chance to try out their dishes.For 150.00 pesos per person, you can already choose among the pasta, pizza, salad and soup dishes available in  the buffet table. 

For more info about this promo, here's a picture I downloaded from their site. 

Click the image for the link to their official website.

We decided to meet at 2:30pm at SM Fairview... while waiting for the two, I remembered the combination we made. ME, Pau and te Rea are very notorious latecomers of the class. The 3 of us were like competing for the 'Latest' Latecomer Awardee of the class back in college. When I say late, it's not only minutes. I'm talking about hours tardiness. So just imagine how farther from 2:30pm we were all able to settle in the place.


Don't ask. 

Me while  waiting for ate Rea. 

Availing the promo was quite easy. 

1. Go to the counter. 
2. Pay the total amount 
3. Get a wristband like the one below and you're good to eat as much as you like. 
But of course, there are rules like No Sharing, No Left Over & No Take Out or they will charge you DOUBLE the price

Me with Ate Rea

I asked for the menu pero di naman pala namin magagamit. 

The buffet table was just behind Pau who was clad in red jacket. 

 Pasta, pizza & salad. yum! yum! yum! I had about 2 1/2 servings of this. For pasta you can choose between the spaghetti and carbonara sauce to go with your pasta noodles. There were only two options for pizza. I must say they all tasted really good. It was a right combination.

 Pau taking pictures of his plate.

 Me & Pau

Pau & Ate Rea

 As you can see, we had no problems about the promo rules.

We stayed there for almost 4 hours chatting about the latest chismis about our batchmates and alma mater. And I was so surprised to hear some tsismis from long time ago. I didn't get the chance to hear all about them back in college because I was always too busy with work and thesis. 

So that's how my birthday went. I forgot to mention that was something really special about this birthday. I got to realize how blessed I was with everything so I don't have the right to complain. But still, my 20th birthday is the most special. That was when my office crush surprisingly gifted me with something so sweet. 

eeeh! Ang landi! 

Let's enjoy life! 

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  1. Belated happy birthday! Thanks so much for sharing this. I like this resto because even if they don't have promo, their meals have big servings. :)


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