Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vacation For Them, Work for Us

We all get so annoyed every time we encounter traffic, and so many people while we are in a hurry going to work. But last August 29-30 (Monday and Tuesday) was a different case. I actually yearned for the busy streets, jam packed buses and crowded Makati underpass. 

While the rest of the Philippine population was either staying at home on a very rainy day or having out of town vacations...we were at the office, sweating our butts out. It could have been just a typical day, but friends' 'vacation' FB posts  and empty streets made all the difference. I can't express the feeling let me just show you pictures.

This is in Regalado near SM Fairview.

 Here's the almost empty bus I was telling you about. On a regular day, this would be jam-packed.

Noticed the empty seats?

Here's the Makati underpass that's usually very crowded on a typical working day. 

 Another one. I had it all for myself.

The stairs.

..and the not-working elevator at our building (The Enterprise)

While I was climbing this steep elevator...I felt so lonely, the same way I felt when I had a nightmare about the world meeting it's end. It was like I was the only living person in the planet and the rest of the world has perished.

It was so a negative way. 

Since it was raining cats and dogs, I opted for a loose sweatshirt-turned top paired with warm black leggings.

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