Sunday, September 4, 2011

Penchant for Leather Wristbands

Since high school, I always get so enamored with ladies who wore leather wristbands like the ones below. 
I just thought that they looked so cool and it somehow shows the animus sides of women. You may look quite feminine with a floral dress but if you accessorize it with a leather wristband, I  get the feeling that you are not someone to play easy with. I don't know, but that's just how it strikes me. Look at Avril Lavigne rocking it. I may not be a big fan of her but I couldn't just help featuring her here. Back in high school I couldn't afford it and I didn't know where to get them. But now that I am already have my own income, I  made sure not to pass out the chance when I saw one at Robinson's Novaliches. It was worth 80.00 pesos but I tried to haggle for 50.00 pesos with the masculine-looking man at the stall. Luckily, he gave it and I was just so ecstatic. It's my first purchase! 

(Photos courtesy of google images

(Photos courtesy of google images

But I'm not a big fan of this too many/messy style.  

(Pictures below are already my own) 

TRIBU ni JERRY - This is the stall I was telling you about. 

 They also sell vodoo dolls and some 'anting-anting' looking necklaces like the ones here. If you'll see closely, there is a small vial containing a real skeleton of a lizard. 

 There are a few options, like the single-belted, double-belted and triple-belted leather wristbands available in white, plain black, black and brown and black & white. I bought the brown and black one. 

(First Day) 

(Second Day) Since I was a bit so 'ignorannte' I wore it right the next day to work. 

(Third Day)

 So there. But I try to match it with appropriate outfits. Since tomorrow we have to wear formal clothes to work, I won't be able to wear it.


  1. Mas mganda yung simpleng band tulad ng suot mu, the simpler the better ika nga, type ko ding magsuot ng ganun kapag tipong rockstar ang trip mong look for the day.

    Na-amaze ako dun sa vial that has a skeleton lizard in, cool! :)

  2. @stevevhan: Thanks for the visit. Medyo same pala tayo ng taste.

  3. Hi there Jill,

    It's really nice blog u have :) I searched for girl leather wristband and I found this blog. Cool..!

    I'm totally agree with you, leather wristband can be wore with feminine dress and it look more bold..!

    I bought some at matara-design for my wife, it's custom made so it's fit perfectly on ur wrist. And it's made from bridle leather.


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