Thursday, September 15, 2011


I just got back to work from a 4-day weekend. We didn't have to go to work last Monday & Tuesday because of the Chuseok holiday which is a very special and big holiday for Koreans. I didn't have anything special planned coz I was penniless. Sayang naman. Long weekend nga wala namang pera. Kainis. 

But anyway I found something interesting to do. 
I went to my alma mater and I felt like I've never been there for so long considering I just graduated last April. I threaded the familiar streets and visited the boarding house I used to stay in. I talked to familiar people.
 It was so surreal. 
I reminisced a lot about my university years. How I struggled to pursue my studies. How my parents stopped sending me money for my studies. It was during the first semester of my freshman year. I remembered staying in the boarding house just reading and studying while my stomach was complaining. It was literally grumbling as if complaining...everything went back swiftly.
..and then I realized how lucky I am. I shouldn't be complaining about life every now & then.

I've gone a long way and will still go far.


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