Monday, December 7, 2009

Faint Chance - .12.07.09

Out of the blue, this excitement came to existence. Excitement over a boy. In tagalog...kinikilig ako..for the reason just really lame to most young adult my age.
I am such a latebloomer.
I am 21 years old. totally independent. psychology student. NBSB (absolutely no boyfriend since birth)
A lot of people especially guys raised their eyebrows when I tell them that. They don't believe it. I don't care really if they do. I am not ugly. In fact back in elementary I have had lots of suitors. In my first job I had over 20 suitors at the same time. no kidding. But I just really didn't have eyes as a woman then. Now..hhmmmm...what would be my excuse this time?? I am just so cynical & skeptical towards men. I don't believe in txt msg way of courting. I am a total snob when walking on the streets. I hate guys who would whistle trying to get your attention. Everytime I would consider someone as a prospective suitor I have an imaginary check list, where all the personalities of my father is written. They should not have "those". And nobody seems to pass the preliminary test.
My sister says i'm "pihikan" I do think so too.
This is not what I'm here to talk about.... I am here to talk about this boy who I fancy but didn't even pass my standards. I wonder why? I see him as this really humorous guy!! When I see him everything is just so light. Like there is nothing to be bothered about. I've thought so hard. I guess he's just what I needed. I am a serious type. And he's the exact opposite. I wanna try that theory that opposite poles attract. I like him no doubt about that...
As for him..i dont really know if he likes me. But I don't care. I have no intention of stealing him from his girlfriend. (?) (HOOOWAAAAT?)..this is just a mere color to my world. I appreciate it even if the chance is so faint. I just want someone to think about. Someone who really exists in my world. Is that too much to ask?
We've been texting for just few days. I didn't ask for his number & neither did he. It just fell into place! Is this some kind of sign or coincidence? I really don't know.
I wish I will not be celebrating a cold yuletide!

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