Monday, December 14, 2009

Heroes of the Modern UCC - The working Students

Credits: Sorry I randomly searched the pics above from google images.

Lurking around UCC, observing students, eavesdropping & roaming the streets & mall have awakened my mind about my fellow UCCians dillema. They or should I say WE are all crying for our expenses.

Majority of us is poor. We pay a maximum of 3,000 pesos & a minimum of 800 pesos tution fee yet we still cry for help. Fortunately , we have learned not only to ask for tissue paper to wipe our tears but also to wipe it & worked it out. We are the working students, who I think is becoming a major hero of our own lives. We learned that nothing can take us out of the situation unless we do something about it & we do it vigorously. The heroes I'm talking about are found in SM supermarket, hypermarket, Jollibbee, McDonalds, call centers & on the streets late at night or nearly dawn struggling to survive, & brave the way to classrooms with so little sleep. Sometimes we pride ourselves as those experienced in jobs even before graduation but on the other side we are "missers". We miss a lot of school activities which are supposedly harnessing our talents & gifts. We miss the bonding times with our friends & classmates. We miss some lessons due to absences & tardiness. We miss a lot. But we are still thnakful that we are given the chance to change the path to take in the future.

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