Monday, December 7, 2009

Buhay Working Student

I miss the times when I greet & text every body a "gudnyt" & asleep afterwards. Since I worked here as a phone english teacher to koreans I've been sending them "goodmorning" & sleep afterwards. That's been one of my sentiments. A lot of my friends, classmates, schoolmates envy me for that. They are missing something so simple & unnoticable yet very significant to me. The time to do everything & at the same time have some time to savor them so that the memory lingers.

Everything in my world now is under time pressure. There's this alarm clock that keeps ticking inside my head whenever I'm in school. I have to hurry. There is no single minute to waste & appreciate little things that really makes me happy. When I get some so liittle free time, I have to spend them with my bed. I have to rest my tired body. Even the 30-minute break which should be used for some quality time with classmates should be used to compensate for my lack of sleep.

I know that I'm doing the right thing. But not all right things make us happy. I am happy to where I am now. But I'm sad for what I've been missing the whole time.

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