Monday, December 21, 2009

Plagiarism Invading KPOP idols! (Paligiarism or Parody?)

A lot of copycats have now surfaced & the victims are 2 of my favorite Korean Pop idols Big Bang & 2NE1. It was flattering for other Souteastern asian countries to appreciate them but somehow in someway it affects my idols negatively.

Here are some articles from Korea Times reporting the said

Above: Big Bang

Above: OkBang

A copycat of Big Bang, one of South Korea's top music
groups, has appeared in China, following one of Girls' Generation., China's portal site, said members of OkBang, which has
reportedly been modeled after Big Bang, have been practicing hard before their
official debut.

A South Korean entertainment company has reportedly been
involved in the creation of OkBang over the past few months in an effort to
spark a hip-hop craze in the world's most populous country. OkBang consists of
five members, like Big Bang, and has many similarities to Big Bang in terms of
musical style, wardrobe and hairstyles.

Many South Korean netizens have
criticized the planned debut of the band, saying the OkBang members still look

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The China’s version of Korean idol group, Girls’ Generation, has been the
talk of the town on the Internet these days as the nine-member group named Idol
Girls has appeared with a photo on a famous domestic portal site.

photo with “Chinese Version of Girls’ Generation” shows that they reenact the
concept of ‘marine girls’ when the Korean girl group was performing with their
song, Tell Me Your Wish.

Chinese media also reported that the
choreography shown in the music video “Chinese Girl” in which Chinese singer
“Yendangdang” sang in folk style is very similar with that by “Gee,” a member of
“Girls’ Generation.” As a result, they are called as the imitation of Korea’s
Girls Generation among Chinese netizens, the media reported.

Korean netizens, who have seen and heard the Idol Girls and the music video,
said that it is too similar with those of Girls’ Generation. Other netizens said
that it is the “parody” of the Korean idol group rather than “plagiarism.”


2NE1 got also a copycat in Thailand; The girl band's name is Candy mafia

A copycat of South Korea's top girl group 2NE1 has shown up in Thailand, following the emergence of China's version of Girls' Generation.

The ``Candy Mafia'' music video by Thailand's four-member female group Mafia has many similarities to 2NE1's music video ``Fire,'' press reports said. In particular, the Thai members copied costumes and styles of their counterparts from 2NE1 to a large extent.

An Internet user was quoted as saying, ``We can easily find that the motor bike scene in `Fire' was stolen by the Thai group. Nonetheless, 2NE1 is superior to Mafia in many respects.''

Last week, a copycat of South Korean idol group Girls' Generation became the talk of the Internet after a photo of the nine-member Chinese girl group named Idol Girls appeared on a famed domestic portal site.

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  1. since kpop artists like to copy american pop, i think they deserve it.


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