Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Message for My Other Self

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to ALL!!

I am happy because it's Christmas. because I have money to celebrate it.and that just made me realize that I have altrered the real meaning of Christmas

Isn't Christmas for everybody??? not just for those who have money but also for those who still believe in Christ the savior

Back in the province, as a young lass, when I didn't have money or when we didn't have "handa" on our table I believed it wasn't Christmas. Is that also how other's feel?? It is so sad to think. I hope we can all feel & justify it's real meaning. Let's try to give as much as we can to "lesser-haves" & make them feel it's for everybody! A simple smile, a simple thank you to driver, a simple but sincere regard for someone will do. But it would change much if we could really give. Let's try not to be skeptical. Let's take a glimpse of the world from their very own eyes. Let's have emphaty. That will chage everything!!

Photp Credits: Buhay Pinoy in Pictures Blog

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