Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to put a PDF file in Blogger

I don't think it's (title) the actual label or term for this post but I think that's what a beginner in blogging will serach if he/she wants the same result just like the one in the post before this.

Follow the steps:

1. Create a account at Scribd

The site will look like this when you click the sign-up button

how to make a pdf file and post it in blogger,

2. Upload your document [ Supported: Microsoft Office / PDF / Open Office / Text ]

3. Choose file / document from your PC and click UPLOAD button.

4. Describe Your Documents - You can add categories / description / make it private, click Save Changes.

5. Share Your Documents [this is important] - Scroll window down and find Embed Code click Copy button.

6. Now log in Blogger Dashboard --> New Post --> in Post body/content [edit HTML mode] paste code.

7. That's it. You are good to go!

By the way you can also convert a word doc to PDF file using the mentioned site. Just upload the word doc from your PC to the site & then download the NOW PDF file!! As simple as that!


  1. Hi. Thanks for this. It's very informative. I'll try it on my sites too. thanks again, =D

  2. Thank you too sheryl for visiting! glad I can help!


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