Friday, December 18, 2009

Are Managers Exempted to Falling Hair???

I ate at Mcdo just a while ago....and just as expected I've roamed my eyes to what was around me and tried to observe whatever catches my eyes. Then I noticed something really obvious & it surely provoked my curiousity.

Managers and powers-that be in all fastfoods & the restaurant I'd worked for before were not using any hairnet unlike the crews. I've pondered this for quite a while then asked "Are Managers Exempted to Falling Hair???" to no one but myself. As we all know, hairnets are used to avoid hair falling on or coming in contact with the food. (It is the dirtiest part of the body).
Most of them do the task of serving food being the cashier just like everybody else. So it's highly possible that they mix the foods with their hairs.
So why not just comply to the rules they themselves impose? Is it their privilege not to? or a privilege to look good though they know that it may risk the quality of food they are serving? I just really can't understand the world sometimes. Those are making the law/rules are the ones allowed to violate them. Is idealism already extinxt in our modern day? No wonder the product of generations that are gradually sprouting are "rejects" ( factory/industry terms). Can you balem them?

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